2020 Junior Fair Rabbit Show Guidelines

  • Rabbits will be arranged in the barn by Breed and class (Not by Exhibitor or club), but every effort will be made to keep multiple entries in the same class by an exhibitor next to each other to ease the cleaning and feeding burden.
  • Judges will judge rabbits in the barn and exhibitors will remain out of the barn during this time.  Judge comments on each rabbit will be documented on a paper for the exhibitor to collect at the conclusion of each class.  At the conclusion of each class, the winning rabbit will be brought to the Activity Building to be on display until the Overall Champions are selected.  Winners of each class will be announced at that time. Exhibitors should be in show attire to collect their awards and pose for any pictures.  Order of show will be posted; however, is subject to change if one judge finishes prior to the other.
  • Showmanship will be one on one with the judge.  Contestants should remain outside the activity building (within the rabbit barn is fine) and wait to be called.  The order of contestants will be posted to reduce confusion.  Contestants may be recalled if the judge needs to examine their skills further.  Proper show attire is required for showmanship.

Additional housekeeping notes:

  • Pen cleaning is required daily, but no time restriction will be in place this year to allow for social distancing.  Pens that are in obvious need of care will be red-carded and will face possible removal from the fairgrounds.
  • Please note that Meatpens and Single Fryers will be in separate pens so be prepared to have a separate feed and water containers for each.