Below are PDFs for Paper Forms. Please attach front & side profile photos when you turn in the forms.



Entry Forms

1100: Beef Cattle

Market Beef (Beef Steer, Market Heifer, Dairy Steer)

1100: Beef Cattle

Beef Feeder

1100: Beef Cattle

Beef Breeding

1200: Dairy Cattle

Dairy Feeder

102: Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle

1300: Swine

Market Hog

1400: Sheep

Market Lambs & Born & Raised

1400: Sheep

Breeding Sheep

1500: Horses & Ponies

Horses & Ponies (see below for additional forms)

1600: Goats

Dairy, Meat Production, Fiber, etc

1600: Goats

Market Goats

1700: Poultry

All Poultry (not turkeys)

1800: Rabbits

All Rabbits

1900: Dogs

There is no Junior Fair Dog show in 2020.

2000: Market Turkey

Market Turkey

2100: Agricultural

All FFA Departments

2200: Grain

2300: Vegetables

2400: Small Animals

2500: Junior Fair Booths Junior Fair Booths



Horse/Pony Entry Form (for both Junior Fair and Fun Day)

Horse ID Form

Vaccination Form

Permission to Participate

Leasing Agreement