This page lists the past 4-H Newsletters. Each family currently enrolled in the Logan County 4-H Program should be receiving Newsletters through e-mail.

November/December 2021

4-H Enrollment, Accommodating Needs, Across County Lines, 2022 Family Guides, December Steer Tagging, Junior Fair Board Selected, January Volunteer Trainings, End-of-Year Reports Due, 2022 Background Checks, Office Hours Returned, 2022 Camp Counselors, State Achievement Forms, State Opportunities Blog, Ohio Military Kids, Club Officer Books, Forms/Project Requirements, Volunteers Needed, Starting a New Club, Important Dates

September 2021

JFB & Camp Counselor Applications, Achievement Records Due, Thank You Notes, Pick-Up Trophies/Awards, Register Your 4-H Club for 2022, Financial Summary & Equipment Inventory, 2022 Background Checks, End-of-the-Year Survey, 2022 Volunteer Application, Starting A 4-H Club or Becoming the Organizational Advisor, 2022 Enrollment Starts Soon, 2022 Family Guides, Choosing 4-H Projects for Next Year, Vision for the Future of Logan County 4-H Workshop, Horse Committee Invitation, Livestock Sale Checks Available, 4-H in the Classroom, Carving New Ideas, Important Dates

August 2021

Save the Dates, Teen Opportunities, JFB Application, Camp Counselor Application, Ohio 4-H TLC Application, Project Results & Awards, Senior Survey, State Opportunities Blog

June/July 2021

Jr. Fair Updates, Fair Booth Setup, FFA Project Drop Off, Fair Books Available, 2021 Livestock Weights, 2021 Check-In/Weigh-In Schedule, Swine Affidavit-Ractopamine, Scrapie ID Sheep & Goats, Schedule for Fair, New Jr. Fair Office, Clean Pens/Aisles, Drug Use Notification Forms, JR Prince & Princess, 2021 Non-Livestock Judging, Booth Watch is Back, Sewing & Clothing Skills, State Fair Orientation, 4-H Project Results, 4-H Camp, Important Dates

May 2021

4-H Cloverbot Challenge, Chicken BBQ Dinner Tickets, 4-H Camps, JR Princess & Prince, Junior Fair Coordinator, NEW Beef Costume Class, Junior Fair Theme, Junior Fair Royalty, Ohio Stae Fair Schedule, Junior Fair Passes, Pullroum Testing, 4-H Livestock Evaluations, Non-Livestock 4-H Project Judging

April 2021

Office Hours, Logan County 4-H Conference, Club Officer Books, 4-H Club Mini-Grants, 2020 4-H Awards Available for PickUp, Harlan's Chicken BBQ Dinner Ticket Sales Start, 4-H Camp Update, Quality Assurance & EquiSTEP, Logan County Junior Fair Tagging, Junior Fair Entry Forms, Junior Fair Royalty Applications, 2021 Junior Fair Theme, 2021 Junior Fair Book, 4-H Livestock Evaluations, Non-Livestock Project Judging, Important Dates

March 2021

4-H Enrollment, Ohio 4-H Week, Window Contest, Mandatory Equine Education & EquiSTEP, Junior Fair Taggings, Junior Fair Entry Forms Available, Junior Fair Royalty Applications, Junior Fair Book Coming, 4-H Club Resources, 2021 Livestock Evaluations, 2021 Non-Livestock Judging, Important Dates

February 2021

4-H Enrollment, Club Charter/Constitution/By-Laws, Logan County 4-H Conference,  Club Officer Books, 4-H Camp Dates, Ohio 4-H Conference, Teen Awards/Opportunities, 2021 Quality Assurance,  Junior Fair Coordinator, Rolling Library, 4-H Club Mini Grants, Early Bird Book Orders, 4-H Project Judging, What to Exhibits, Livestock Evaluation Study Guides, Ohio 4-H Week, Important Dates

December 2020

Ohio 4-H Achievement Award, In-Person 4-H Club Meeting, 2021 Logan County Fair Dates, December Steer Tagging, Junior Fair Coordinator Position, Enrollment for 4-H is OPEN, Learning with Logan County 4-H registration live, New 4-H Volunteer Applications, 2021 Logan County Junior Fair Board Selected