Logan County Family Handbook

Be sure to check out this hanbook that lays out many of the rules and regulations that are important for all Logan County 4-H'ers.

2023 Logan County Family Handbook

What are the requirements to be complete in 4H?

  • Attend regular monthly meeting - required to attend at least 50% of the meetings - this starts when the 4-H member first joins the club.
  • Support and work for your club's special events and activities.
  • Be a dependable committee memeber for you club and the county program
  • Participate in county-wide activities
  • Be proud to be a 4-H member
  • Start project work early
  • Keep recordes up to date
  • Attend and participate in club sponsored events, activities, and fundraisers
  • Complete projecs and project book requirements on time
  • Complete all club requirements that are specified in the Club's Constitution and By Laws
  • Complete all of the above to the satisaction of the 4-H Club advisors


Looking for a 4-H Club in your area?

Find a club in your area that focuses on projects that you may be interested in.  Click here to check it out!     

The Pledge                                 

I pledge:
My head to clearer thinking
My heart to greater loyalty
My hands to larger service
My health to better living
For my Club, my Community,
my Country, and my World.

The pledge tells us what 4-H is all about. 
Volunteers help the youth develop the four H's in the following ways:

Head - Learning to think, problem solving, gaining new knowledge
Heart - Being concerned with the welfare of others, accepting the responsibilities of citizenship, determining values and attitudes by which to live, learning how to work with others.
Hands - Learning new skills, perfecting skills already known, developing pride in work and respect for it,participating in community service
Health - Practicing healthful living, protecting the well-being of self and others, making constructive use of leisure time.

                      Adapted from original material developed by Betty Wingerter
                      Montgomery County Extension Educator 4-H Youth Development

Project Selection

Youth age 8 & in 3rd grade are eligible to participate in various projects to participate in 4-H with the option to show at the Logan County Fair.  You can see all the awesome projects we offer in the Family Guide or at Project Central for a sneak peek inside the book.