This page is for 4-H Clubs to gather resources that will help the run and manage the club.

Topics are:

4-H Online
4-H Project Ordering/Selection
Officer Books
Winning 4-H Plan
4-H Council Club Mini-Grants

4-H Online Club Management

Step-by-step PDF of how to login into your 4-H Club in 4-H Online.

Club Leader Login

4-H Project Ordering/Selection

The Rolling Library contains the majority of our 4-H project book selections so your club youth can preview their options firsthand and read the activities, requirements, and expectations for each project. The Rolling Library can be borrowed just like our skillathon and Cloverbud kits!  Call or stop by the office to verify the library is available and we’ll help you through the process!

Rolling Library Info

4-H Clubs may get a 10% discount on their 4-H Project books if they order in bulk by April 1st. 4-H Clubs are only allowed one order per club. Please fill out the below sheet and turn into the OSU Extension Office

Early Bird Book Orders

Logan County 4-H Project members are able to add or drop 4-H projects (non-livestock only) up to June 1st. Please fill out the below form and turn it in the OSU Extension Office to add or drop a 4-H Project.

4-H Project Add/Drop Form

Club Officer Books

Ohio 4-H has recently revamped the office books and added an online training piece.  Its great information so check it out!! 

Officer Books & Resources

Winning 4-H Plan Request Form

An accommodation plan for 4-H members with disabilities taking 4-H Projects. Please fill out the Winning 4-H Plan Request Form and email Justin at Please schedule a time with Justin to go over the youth's needs and how accommodations may be met.

Winning 4-H Plan Request Form

Logan County 4-H Council Mini-Grant for 4-H Clubs

The Logan County 4-H Advisory Council hands out five $50 mini-grants each year to help 4-H Clubs financially. Please apply by May 1st.

4-H Council Min-Grant Application

Ohio 4-H Youth Development Club Constitution

Each 4-H club should have an up to date Constitution on file at the Extension Office. Clubs must use this template!

4-H Club Constitution Template

Ohio 4-H Club By-Laws

By-Laws are OPTIONAL for 4-H Clubs but do help in creating guidance in how your 4-H Club specifically operates. If your club chooses to have by-laws then they must be on file with the Extension Office. Feel free to use this template.

4-H Club By-Laws Template

Ohio 4-H Charter Checklist

4-H National Headquarters and Ohio 4-H Youth Development require that all clubs be chartered. Please complete this checklist to determine whether your club has met the Ohio 4-H Club charter requirements. This checklist will be reviewed by your County 4-H Extension Professional. Chartered 4-H clubs are permitted to use the 4-H Name and Emblem according to 4-H National Headquarter guidelines. Clubs that meet these minimum requirements will be granted/continue a charter. The charter checklist must be reviewed every year to assure a club’s continued compliance with the 4-H Club criteria.

Ohio 4-H Charter Checklist