This page is for all youth and volunteers who are re-enrolling into Logan County 4-H. Re-enrolling into the 4-H program must be done annually between October 1st and April 1st in order for you to be able to participate in activities, competitions, judging/evaluations in June - August. Logan County 4-H uses 4-H Online to re-enroll. If you need assistance at any time through the re-enrolling process please call the OSU Extension Office in Logan County at 937-599-4227. 

For a PDF handout that has a step-by-step guide to re-enroll into Logan County 4-H please follow the link:

Family Enrollment Guide: Returning Members Only

Follow the below steps to re-enroll at 4-H Online (

Step 1: Know Your 4-H Online Email & Password

In order to use 4-H Online to re-enroll, you must use the correct email. We use one email to log in per family unit (example; son, daughter, and 4-H Volunteer mom will have one email to log in). This email is the email you put on your enrollment paper in your first year. It is also the email that you receive 4-H Newsletters and other 4-H communication to.

You must also use a password. If this is your first time using 4-H Online you will need to reset the password and create one. There are two ways to reset the password:

  1. Reset the password yourself on 4-H Online ( by selecting "I forgot my password", putting in your email, making sure your role lists "Family" and then clicking the button that says "Send My Password".
  2. You may call the OSU Extension Office at 937-599-4227 and we can reset the password for you. (Note: we cannot see current passwords so our ONLY option is to reset it)

Step 2: Make Sure Your Family Information is Correct

Please review the information in the family portion of your 4-H Online profile. This is where the email for your profile is located

Step 3: Edit Each Individual in Your Profile and Enroll Them for This Year

Choose the edit button for each individual in your family. Scroll to the bottom of the first page and enroll them for this year. You will be walked through to review your information and update it. 4-H Online will prompt you through the enrollment process. Common things missed:

  • Years in 4-H (includes the year you are enrolling)
  • T-Shirt Size (youths' bodies change, please make sure this is accurate)

Step 4: Select Your 4-H Club(s) and 4-H Project(s)

When you get to the "Participation" tab you will be prompted to select the 4-H Club or Clubs that you are participating in. You will then select at least one 4-H Project to list for each 4-H Club you have listed. Members may select 4-H project(s) to explore through club and county activities. You may use the 4-H Family Guide to view an online document, stop in the Logan County Extension Office (1100 S. Detroit St. Bellefontaine) to pick up a paper copy or check out 4-H Project Central to learn about each one.

You're Done

You've finished enrolling in Logan County 4-H. Here are some reminders about enrollment and completing the 4-H Program year as a "Member in Good Standing".

For enrollment purposes:

  • Across County Lines requests need to only be completed once for membership, not annually.
  • If youth need accommodation of some kind in our 4-H program due to a physical, emotional, or mental disability please fill out our Winning 4-H Plan form that allows our Advisors, Extension Staff, Judges, Camp Staff, and more know how we can best accommodate your youth. Please fill out the following form and turn it into the Logan County Extension Office (1100 S. Detroit St. Bellefontaine) by June 1st.

Winning 4-H Plan (for youth who need accommodation)

  • Re-enrollment is due by April 1st.
  • Project age 4-H'ers must be signed up for at least one 4-H project by April 1st.
  • Project age 4-H'ers may add any non-livestock projects or drop any 4-H project by filling out the 4-H Project Add/Drop form by June 1st.

4-H Project Add/Drop Form

To be a 4-H Member in good standing:

  • Project age 4-H'ers must be re-enrolled by April 1st and taking at least one 4-H project.
  • Attend at least 50% of their 4-H Club's meetings. (Each 4-H Club should have a minimum of 6 meetings a 4-H program year, October - September).
  • Complete all club requirements that are specified in that 4-H Club's Constitution and By-Laws. (examples: complete skillathon, sit on a 4-H Club Committee, contribute to fundraiser, etc.)
  • 4-H'er must take at least one 4-H project and attend judging/evaluation for that one project.