Are you a Logan County 4-H’er in High School? Logan County is looking to start a Junior Leadership Club in which   4-H Teens are providing leadership to many Logan County 4-H events, activities, and judgings. This county–wide 4-H Club will focus on different aspects of Citizenship and Leadership. Along with leading 4-H programs, youth will learn what it means to be an active citizen and a leader. The Junior Leadership Club will focus on a different theme each year and dig deep into topics chosen by the members that impact Logan County (topics may be Diversity, Culture, Workforce Preparation, Politics, Education, Court Systems and more).

Each year teens will learn about a Leadership or Citizenship theme from local Logan County citizens and organizations. Youth will then take a Leadership/Citizenship 4-H Project that they will complete and be evaluated on. If you are interested in receiving more information about a Logan County Junior Leadership Club for 2020 please fill out the survey below, If you have any questions, please contact Justin.

Junior Leadership Club Interest Survey