Please utilize the following resources in preparation to complete any Logan County livestock projects:

Project Book Guidelines, Checklists, and Resources

Beef Project (117)

Dairy Heifer Project (122)

Dairy Cow Project (126)

Llama and Alpacca Project (132)

Goat Project (135)

Market Hog Project (139)

Swine Breeding Project (140)

Poultry Project (150)

Beginning Horse Management Project (174)

Light Horse Selection Project (175)

Learning to Jump Project (180)

Draft Horse Project (181)

Standardbred Horses Project (184)

Equine Reproduction and Genetics Project (185)

Trail Riding Project (188)

Dressage Project (189)

Equine Record Book (190)

Horse Nutrition Project (762)

Market Lamb Project (198)

Sheep Breeding Project (199)

Breeding Rabbit Project (225)

Market Rabbit Project (226)