Information for Beef Projects

Includes Dairy Feeders. Dairy Feeders will complete a Beef 4-H Project Book.

4-H Beef Project (117) Resources

General Livestock Interview Checklist

Beef Project & Record Book Guidelines

General Livestock Project Record Pages

  • For 4-H members who wish to use their project book for multiple years.

Beef Skillathon & Livestock Evaluation

Logan County Livestock Evaluation Study Guide

Learning Lab Kits

Ohio State Fair Skillathon

Logan County Junior Fair Resources

Junior Fair Entries

  • Due the 2nd Saturday of December - Market Beef (Beef Steers, Market Heifers, and Dairy Steers)
  • Due May 1st - Beef Breeding
  • Due the 2nd Saturday of May - Dairy Feeders & Beef Feeders


Ownership Dates

  • December 1st - Market Beef (Beef Steers, Market Heifers, and Dairy Steers)
  • May 1st - Dairy Feeders, Beef Feeders, and Beef Breeding


Number of Animals

  • Exhibitors may tag and show up to 3 animals of any combination of Beef Steers, Market Heifers, and Dairy Steers.
  • Exhibitors may tag up to 3 Dairy Feeders and show 2.


Tagging & Vaccination

  • HAve 4-H / FFA Advisor get tags from the Senior Fair Office on the fairgrounds.


Weight Requirements

  • Beef Steers, Market Heifers, & Beef Feeders will weigh from 3:00pm to 4:00pm the day before the Logan County Fair
  • Beef Steers & Market Heifers: 1000 pound minumum
  • Beef Feeders: 300 - 650 pounds
  • Dairy Steers will weigh from 4:00pm to 5:00pm the day before the Logan County Fair
  • Beef Steers" 1000 pound minimum
  • Dairy Feeders will weigh from 5:00pm to 6:00pm the day before the Logan County Fair
  • Dairy Feeders: 400 - 700 pounds
  • *If you miss your scheduled weigh-in time you will weigh from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

NEW Beef Costume Class - 2021

Attention Beef Exhibitors: This year we are ecstatic to off a new class to the Logan County Fair: Beef costume class!!  This class will be held Tuesday night after the beef show. The purpose of this class is to let our hair down, and enjoy yourselves! Grab a calf, pick out a costume (for your and your calf), and come down to the show arena to present your costumes to a "local celebrity" judge. Grand and Reserve winners will be awarded. All you have to do to participate in this class is fill out the donation form and raise a minimum of $50. This donation will be used for Born & Raised prizes, Beef Obstacle prices, etc.! 

We can't wait to see your costumes and have a little fun together!  Questions about the class or costumes: Madi King 937-597-4288 or Kaci King 937-539-1631




Quality Assurance

  • All Logan County Junior Fair Exhibitors must attend a Quality Assurance by May 1st


DUNF Forms

  • You will receive an electronic DUNFcloser to fair. They are due at weigh-in at the Logan County Fair. All Market Beef (Beef Steers, Market Heifers, & Dairy Steers) and Dairy Feeders must have one form per animal. Beef Breeding and Beef Feeders do not need a DUNF form.

More detailed information can be found in the Logan County Fair Book

Helpful Resources and Links

Learning Activity Ideas (use at 4-H Clubs or at home) -

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Logan County Cattlemen's Association - 

Ohio Cattlemen's Association -

  • Includes the BEST (Beef Exhibitior Show Total) program and shows

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