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General Equine Project Resources

General Livestock Interview Checklist

General Livestock Project Record Pages

  • For 4-H members who wish to use their project book for multiple years.

Liability Release Form

Horse Identification Form

Pony Measurement Form

Horse/Pony Lease Form

Horse Safety & Ethics Training Form - new horse exhibitors only

Certificate of Vaccination Form

Other Horse Forms & Policies

4-H Beginning Horse Management Project (174) Resources

Beginning Horse Management Project & Record Book Guidelines

4-H Light Horse Selection Project (175) Resources

Light Horse Selection Project & Record Book Guidelines

4-H Learning to Jump Project (180) Resources

Learning to Jump Project & Record Book Guidelines

4-H Draft Horse Project (181) Resources

Draft Horse Project & Record Book Guidelines

4-H Standardbred Horse Project (184) Resources

Standardbred Horse Project & Record Book Guidelines

4-H Equine Reproduction & Genetics Project (185) Resources

Equine Reproduction & Genetics Project & Record Book Guidelines

4-H Trail Riding Project (188) Resources

Trail Riding Project & Record Book Guidelines

4-H Dressage Record Book Project (189) Resources

Dressage Project & Record Book Guidelines

4-H Equine Record Book Project (190) Resources

Equine Project & Record Book Guidelines

4-H Horse Nutrition Project (762) Resources

Horse Nutrition Project & Record Book Guidelines

Horse Skillathon & Livestock Evaluation

Logan County Livestock Evaluation Study Guide

Learning Lab Kits

Ohio State Fair Skillathon

Logan County Junior Fair Resources

Junior Fair Entries

  • June 1st

Identification & Vaccination

  • Horses & Ponies must have proper identification on file at the Extension Office by June 1st.
  • Horses & Ponies must have certifcation of vaccination on file at the Extension Office by June 1st.
  • Certificate of Vaccination Form

Performance Against the Standard (PAS) Program

  • Logan County will be offering a PAS Program on June 20, 2021 at the Logan County Fairgrounds. Show starts at 9am.

Mandatory Equine Education (MEE) OR EquiSTEP Program

  • All Logan County Junior Fair Horse Exhibitors must attend a Mandatory Equine Education Program OR EquiSTEP and have them complete by May 1.
  • Mandoatory Equine Education is March 6, 2021 at 5:30pm at Marmon Valley Farm
  • EquiSTEP is an online training availble at

List of youth who have Completed MEE/EquiSTEP
By Club (as of 04/26/2021)

List of youth who HAVE NOT Completed MEE/EquiSTEP
By Club (as of 4/26/2021)

Drug Use Notification Form (DUNF)

  • Horses do not need to fill out a DUNF.

More detailed information can be found in the Logan County Fair Book

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